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Outlander - Season 1 - Episode 5 : Rent


Dougal and the members of Clan MacKenzie, along with Claire, Jamie and Ned Gowan are travelling the lands, collecting rents.

Claire tends to the tennants as required and gets a taste of 18th century life. Moving amongst the Scottish people, Claire learns a little more about the people they are, their culture, the way they do things and why, along with events that don't sit well with her modern day sensibilities.

Jamie warns Claire to stay out of affairs that are not her own, affairs that she clearly doesn't understand.

It isn't long before Claire realises that Dougal is collecting more than the rents for Colum, he is also raising funds for the Jacobite cause, a very dangerous venture in front of an English woman, whose loyalties are unknown.

Dougal's suspicion grows as Claire tries to explain that an uprising would not work, that many would lose their lives. She knows this as she has stood on the fields of Culloden, where in three years from this moment, many of the men surrounding her, would lose their lives. Where the clans would be disbanded and Scotland forever changed.

Whilst having a heated discussion about this, a band of English Red Coats appear to question the safety of Claire, an English woman, travelling with a band of Scot's ... savages, in the eyes of the English.
Posted on 15 Sep 2014 by Bianca
Outlander - Season 1 - Episode 4 : The Gathering


Claire is seemingly becoming part of the castle. Tending to the people and playing with the children. But she is using the time to learn the layout of the castle and possible escape routes during the upcoming Gathering.

Geillis visits her in the surgery and notices that Claire has been stock piling food. She questions whether or not she is with child, though hinting that she is aware that she is considering to escape.

As Claire sticks to her plans and starts putting into place events that will help with her escape, Mrs Fitz has Claire dressed and attending the Gathering. Claire witnesses the swearing to Colum by his tenants to him, giving their service and fealty. As clansman after clansman makes this pledge, Claire uses the time to escape.

Whilst in the middle of her escape plan, Claire trips over Jamie who logically informs her that she'd not get far and then would become an untrusted guest once caught. While trying to safely return Claire to the castle unmolested, Jamie is accosted by members of the clan who insist he be a part of the gathering and gives his fealty to Colum. To do this or vocally object, both actions, place Jamie in grave danger. If he swears fealty, he places himself in line to become the Laird of Castle Leoch upon Colum's death. To decline is to insult the clan. Jamie finds a way around this problem and swears obedience whilst his stands upon MacKenzie lands, but keeps the oath he gave to his own clan, therefore averting his own death.

At the boar hunt, Claire helps with the passing of Geordie after he is fatally attacked and Dougal sees that there's more to Claire than he had seen before and that she has seen death, brutal death, before.

The following day, Dougal will be leaving the castle to collect the rents of those who could not attend the gathering and informs Claire that she will be coming with him and the men.

After weeks of trying to leave Castle Leoch ... she is now finally getting that chance. Will it bring her back to the stones and to the life she was taken from?

**The search for Diana Gabaldon**
For those who have heard that Herself is going to appear in an episode of Outlander, but it had been tightly kept under wraps ... this is the one!

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Bianca
Outlander - Season 1 - Episode 3 : The Way Out


Claire is settling into life as the castle doctor, though thoughts of escape are never far. Claire dreams of telling Mrs Fitz she is from the future ... but within that dream discovers telling such truths in this time and in the highlands, a place of superstition ... would be disastrous.

Claire showcases her talents as a healer around the castle from small burns to massaging Colum to relieve the pain of his condition.

Jamie and Claire spend more time together at the castle.

Claire spends more time with Geillis and finds out that one of the young boys is apparently possessed and an exorcism is to be performed on him. Being a woman from modern times, it doesn't sit well with her and she wants to examine the boy and find a better alternative to cure him.

Whilst in town, Claire witnesses a young boy punished for stealing. He has his ear nailed to wood and devises a distraction within the crowd so that Jamie can help free him.

Claire discovers the cause of the boys possession is poison and tends to him, curing him with medicine, but makes an enemy of Father Bain.

Later in the evening, Jamie translates a song being sung, telling of a woman falling through the stones and out of her time, but then finding her way back to her own and her husband. Claire sees hope.
Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Bianca
Outlander - Season 1 - Episode 2 : Castle Leoch


The party of Scots that Claire is travelling with, finally arrives at Castle Leoch. She is in a light cotton dress from her own time, ripped at the hem to tend to Jamie MacTavish's wounds.

Claire had visited this castle with Frank. Instead of the remnants of a castle, Claire comes face to face with a fully functioning castle and all its inhabitants.

Mrs Fitz greets the party and assists Claire with all she needs to sterilise and dress Jamie's wounds. The first glimpse of the brutality Jamie's back faced at the hand of the redcoats. Jamie gives us a glimpse of his story at this moment and what led to such punishment.

This is the first sign of Jamie's growing affections for Claire Beauchamp as he declares that she need not be scared of him or anyone else whilst he is with her.

At the hands of the most efficient Mrs Fitz, Claire is transformed from a 20th century lady inappropriately dressed into a woman of decency for the 18th century as a guest of the MacKenzie of Leoch.

Now decent, Claire meets Colum MacKenzie and within his chambers, confirms to herself that she is 200 years in the past and under suspicion of being a spy, though for who?

At first, Claire finds herself to be a guest of the castle, but before long she realises she is indeed a prisoner of the castle while they try to discern who she really is and where she is really from.

Jamie and Claire spend a little more time together. Jamie reveals a little more about himself.

Whilst out gardening, Claire meets Geillis Duncan and learns a little more about life in the highlands. Later that night, tenants bring disputes and issues before The MacKenzie to solve. It is during this time that Laoghaire MacKenzie is brought before Colum for inappropriate behaviour and Jamie steps forward to take her punishment for her, to save her embarrassment. Claire is outraged at the brutality of the time and struggles to often keep thoughts to herself. Once again, Claire is tending wounds for Jamie.
Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Bianca
Outlander - Season 1 - Episode 1 : Sassenach


Opens over the lands of Scotland with Claire talking about people who go missing and then we see her in modern times, outside of a General Store.

For those who have not read the novels (what are you thinking? get reading!!), we are given glimpses of Claire as a nurse during the war, so you know she isn't your normal woman of gentile birth who feints at the sight of blood, but actually thrives on the challenges before her and has a lot of steel in her backbone.

Claire and Frank, as per the novels, is back in Scotland, getting to know one another again, enjoying their surroundings, as well as each other. Between Frank's desire to learn more of his own family history and Claire's interest in botany, they are also trying to start a family of their own. They seem every bit the happy newly weds, eager to enjoy the flesh and each others company every possible moment ... but their lives are about to change.

After watching the druids at Craig na Dun, Claire returns on her own to collect a sample of a flower she had seen the morning before. It is then she hears a sound and touches one of the standing stones and finds herself in the same area, but with subtle changes that grow with each passing moment that it becomes unbelievingly obvious to Claire, that she is no longer in her time.

The first person she comes across strikes an uncanny resemblance to her husband Frank, but he is mean and nothing like her kind and loving husband. She is rescued by a Scotsman and finds herself in the company of Scottish outlaws, doing all they can to not be discovered and captured by the English redcoats as they make their way to Castle Leoch. Before making the trek, Claire tends to the wounds of a young Scotsman, Jamie MacTavish who takes it upon himself to keep her safe, though also impeding any ideas of escape Claire may have.
Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Bianca
Outlander TV Series by Starz
Episode 4 has just gone to air and I thought ... what am I doing? I really should be posting here and keeping up to date with it as I go ... especially after the exciting discovery of tonight's show. So I will try and do that each week ...
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Entire ‘Outlander’ World Premiere Screening Q&A
Posted on 30 Jul 2014 by Bianca
An Outlander Exclusive Short Film from Time Warner Cable: 1/3 & 3/3
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Outlander Opening Credits - Stills
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Site Updates
With so many amazing images coming out and August 9th looming ... SO EXCITED!!! I thought it time I get around to doing some more updates.

I have just updated some of the character pages with images along with some of the descriptions, which yes I know need a lot of work still, but it is a start.

The following have been updated:
Characters - main page
Frasers - Jamie, Claire, Murtagh
MacKenzies - Colum, Dougal, Mrs Fitz, Laoghaire
Other Significant - Frank, Black Jack, Geillis

If you don't see images on each of these pages, please refresh to see the updates.
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Sexiest Gaelic Word
Posted on 26 Jul 2014 by Bianca
New Outlander Trailer
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Claire preparing herbs from the Apothecary cabinet at Castle Leoch
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Behind the Scenes
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Claire .. fallen through time
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Claire at the stone circle
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Jamie & Claire on horse
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Claire & Frank in Hotel Room
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The world premiere of Outlander will be at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) on Friday, July 25, 2014 at the Sprekels Theater.

Cast in attendance include Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, Graham McTavish, and Lotte Verbeek. Ron Moore and Diana Gabaldon will also be there.

Source: Outlander TV News
Posted on 18 Jul 2014 by Bianca
Speak Outlander Lesson 12: Tha Gaol Agam Ort
Posted on 18 Jul 2014 by Bianca

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