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The Characters

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The Outlander series is very rich in characters. Even the smallest most seemingly insignificant character has history and intrigue. .

As there are SO many characters in the Outlander series, I've split them up into four seperate groups. Fraser's, Murray's, MacKenzie's and Other Signficant Characters. How did I decide where Roger and Brianna would go? Well I thought though they are MacKenzie's, they really are a part of the Fraser's, so this is where I placed them. So this is how I decided with everyone that could be in one of two groups, where I considered they really fit.

Currently the list of characters is pretty small, but this is a rather large job so small steps, but I hope to have an extensive list here in time.

If you see a character that should be there sooner rather than later, drop me an email and let me know who it is and I'll get them added to the list asap.


The Characters

Other Significant Characters


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