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After deciding to partake in the Outlander Reading Challenge (will post that in the next post), I had decided to keep track/post news of how I was going. At first I took the lazy insane option of just posting my dribble into an html page and dating it each time ... yeah then sanity kicked back in and I realised that the more I posted the harder that was going to be. SO, I decided that the smart thing would be to do what I'd done on my TSC site and use Cutenews because it has always been awesome. Yeah, like it was going to be an easy task to do that! So after much swearing and reading of FAQ's and forums, I finally got it to work here at my Diana Gabaldon site .. YAY! So now I can post with ease. Now to post the two posts I'd posted before .. wow, overuse of the word post, anywho ... posts coming up!
Posted on 26 Dec 2011 by Bianca
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