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Outlander - Reading Commenced
So I spent the day off and on reading when I had a moment to spare .. so hate being interrupted when reading, but I guess that is always going to happen.

Though a brief outlay of what I've read and where I'm up to .. still this is necessary ... SPOILER ALERT!!! Read further is to do so at your own risk.

So where am I up to. Lets see, Claire and Frank were on their honeymoon in Scotland after reuniting post war, trying to get the love happening, more importantly wanting to make a baby. Claire went back to the stone circle, Craigh na Dun and fell through the cleft in the stones and what do you know, she is now in 1743, having come from her time of 1945. After her encounter with Black Jack (he never fails to make my skin crawl), she was 'rescued' by Murtagh, only to find herself a guest at Castle Leoch, whether she likes it or not. Whist there, Colum has had her tend to people's injury's, Mistress Fitz has had her attend the herb garden, she has met Geillis Duncan, there has been the Gathering and the MacKenzie Clan have pledged themselves to the MacKenzie, though Jamie tactfully got out of that sticky situation .. well, so he thought. Now Claire is back on the road with Dougal MacKenzie while he collects rents etc for Colum, Jamie is along for the ride, to find out that he wasn't oh so clever at the Gathering and Claire has found herself engaged in conversation with Ned Gowan.

And that is where I'm at! Wanted to get more read, but it is a good start.
Posted on 01 Jan 2012 by Bianca
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