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Was able to read a few more pages tonight, I hope the weekend gives me time to read a considerable amount more.


With the choice of facing Black Jack or becoming a Scot, Claire finds herself married to Jamie, in the same church that 200 years ahead, she married Frank in. Much to her surprise, it turns out to be quite agreeable with her and she is enjoying all aspects of being married to Jamie.
Through this time, we hear Jamie call Claire "mo duinne" which means "my brown one" .. a term of endearment. (A note for those who haven't read the novels before, this term changes in the following novels as DG found out that it wasn't quite correct, so had that changed). It is during this time that we also realise that Jamie often calls Claire "Sassenach", also as a term of endearment.
Jamie and Claire cross paths with Hugo Munro who is a friend of Jamie's and a local beggar. Though Hugh can't talk, he communicates very well with his own hand gestures that Jamie understands as well as though he was speaking. Through their conversation, Jamie is able to change the location of meeting Horrocks, a man who may help prove Jamie's innocence and take the price off of his head.
After a clash with the Grant's, it is discovered that Jamie has given Claire a knife for her own protection, but he hasn't taught her how to use it. So clan MacKenzie along with Jamie, train Claire how to use it so that she can sufficiently protect herself.
Posted on 05 Jan 2012 by Bianca
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