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Monsters .. not only in the Loch
the story continues ..


Down on the banks, having gone to cool off ... Claire encounters a myth in her time, but a reality in her new time. The Loch Ness Monster.
While in their travels with the MacKenzie clan, Claire wakes to find a piece of amber with a dragonfly suspended ... a gift from Hugh Munroe. This is wrapped with an inscription on the material in latin … da mi basin mille, diende centum,
dein mille altera, dein secunda centum…
As they travel throughout the lands, Jamie slowly tells Claire more about himself and family. A shocking discovery she finds is that if Jamie dies, she becomes the sole owner of Lallybroch, though she has never yet been there.
It seems that life goes from peaceful, romantic and discovery and then quickly to danger, time and again. Jamie and Claire have a moment alone and take advantage of the time, to find in the midst of passion, a musket is placed against Jamie's head and Claire is nearly raped, having to save herself by using the skills taught to her by stabbing her attacker. Not long after, Jamie leaves Claire alone while he goes to conduct business and one thing leads to another and she finds herself yet again in the company of Black Jack. Having put herself, Jamie and the rest of the men they are traveling with in danger, Jamie hands out the punishment he threatened upon Claire if she didn't stay safely where he'd placed her and so he takes a strap to her backside.
Naturally Claire objects highly to this treatment having come from a time when men beating their wives was somewhat frowned upon, so their relationship is tested. Riding through the night, they begin to talk and open up to each other again and Jamie tells Claire of his history with Black Jack, why he was angrier than he would normally have been and the offer Black Jack made so Jamie could get out of a second whipping, that he declined and possibly led to his father's death.
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