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Changelings, fairies and a little poison.
What I'd give to have a day with nothing more to do than read. I've never taken this long to read Outlander before .. anyhow, the story continues ...


Claire overhears Colum berate Dougal for his stupidity and believes that Dougal has gotten Loaghaire pregnant. Whilst visiting with Colum, Claire witnesses young Hamish come off a horse and nearly squished by the beast and witnesses Colum's despair and she she notes to him that he loves the boy as if he were his own.
The story of 16yr old Jamie and the Duke of Sandringham is told and we learn that the Duke has a taste for young boys.
Claire helps Jamie and Auld Alec deliver a foal and much to her surprise, she enjoys the experience.
Whilst out with Geillis, Claire comes across a baby on a fairy hill and learns about changeling babies and the strong belief held to the people of the town. Wanting to rescue the baby, she once again places herself in danger but is stopped by Jamie from doing so, but was it before anyone had seen her with the baby? On a visit to the Duncan's, Claire finds herself under the influence of opium and questioned of who she is by Geillis. Back at the castle, Arthur Duncan dies even after Claire attempts to revive him ... her lips are numb from performing mouth to mouth.
Jamie goes hunting with the Duke and asks Claire to stay away from Geillis Duncan, though when Laoghaire comes to Claire and says that Geillis is ill and has sent word for Claire to visit, she goes against Jamie's wishes and leaves to visit her, finding that Geillis didn't actually send for her.

Posted on 28 Jan 2012 by Bianca
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