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Today I nerve-wrackingly deleted the sub folder where this site once sat. So now the site is entirely only at The North Tower.Net .. that doesn't make a load of difference for most, but it is exciting for me :)

So along with that, comes some updates. I'm slowly working in the background to update the site.

Updated today is the Outlander-TV link ( Still has much to go, but I've started it. The tv series isn't due out till June, so I'm looking around online to see what I can use to update this link further. I have placed the characters listed at but will mostly likely wait until the show comes out to go further. But that could change. Within that link, I placed a link for images. I'm slowly collecting at the moment and will update that soon so you can have a one stop shop for your viewing pleasure.
Posted on 25 Jan 2014 by Bianca
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