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Diana Gabaldon

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Diana Gabaldon is the American author of the amazing Outlander Series. Born January 11th 1952 in Arizona and is of Mexican, American and English ancestory. She grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and graduated with three degrees from two different institutions.

With the idea of trying to "write a novel for practice" to see if she could and inspired by a Dr Who rerun, Diana found herself in the Scottish countryside with an English woman that was completely out of her own time. Who would've known that this little practice would lead to what is currently an 8th novel being written about Claire and Jamie Fraser?

Using her background of research, it takes about two and a half years from commencing to write one of her amazing Outlander novels, until it is published for us eagerly awaiting devouted, if not obsessed fans.

I could ramble on more, but please visit her site to read more in depth about the amazing Diana Gabaldon.



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