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This homepage is designed for entertainment purposes only. All the characters pertaining to the Outlander Series, Lord John Series or any other Diana Gabaldon novels are ©Copyright Diana Gabaldon. No copyright violation is intended.


Diana Gabaldon and her publisher have a strict non republication of any words in her novels without express permission being given first. Please visit her site to read more upon this and please respect her wishes and do not republish/reproduce her works without permission.

I have in the past when I originally was going to produce a Diana Gabaldon/Outlander site, asked for permission to republish/reproduce her works and was not granted permission, so no extracts will be found on this site.

Any words/descriptions here will have been written by myself and therefore are my words. Please give credit if using my wording and drop an email letting me know. Any sites using my wording without permission will be asked to remove it.

Spoiler Warning

If you do not wish to find out about upcoming characters or events in any of the novels before you have read them, please beware that while there will not be extracts from any novels here, you may stumble into areas of discussion/disection of characters and story lines.

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