Broch Tuarach ... the north-facing tower:

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The Frasers

Je Suis Prest - I Am Ready

Heading the Fraser clan is James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, or as we fondly know him .. Jamie. The love affair between Jamie and Claire makes us all swoon and keeps us coming back time and again to read of their lives, no matter what they face. Within in their story is many characters, the ones here are those I believe are closest to them and directly connected to the Fraser's.

Jamie married to Claire
Brianna daughter of Jamie & Claire
Fergus the adopted son of Jamie
Roger married to Brianna
Jemmy & Amanda children of Brianna and Roger
Fergus married Marsali
Germain & Joan children of Fergus and Marsali


The Characters

Jamie Fraser
Claire Fraser
Brianna MacKenzie
Roger MacKenzie
Jemmy MacKenzie
Amanda MacKenzie
Fergus Fraser
Marsali Fraser
Germain Fraser
Joan Fraser

Other Significant Characters


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