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Outlander - Season 1 - Episode 1 : Sassenach


Opens over the lands of Scotland with Claire talking about people who go missing and then we see her in modern times, outside of a General Store.

For those who have not read the novels (what are you thinking? get reading!!), we are given glimpses of Claire as a nurse during the war, so you know she isn't your normal woman of gentile birth who feints at the sight of blood, but actually thrives on the challenges before her and has a lot of steel in her backbone.

Claire and Frank, as per the novels, is back in Scotland, getting to know one another again, enjoying their surroundings, as well as each other. Between Frank's desire to learn more of his own family history and Claire's interest in botany, they are also trying to start a family of their own. They seem every bit the happy newly weds, eager to enjoy the flesh and each others company every possible moment ... but their lives are about to change.

After watching the druids at Craig na Dun, Claire returns on her own to collect a sample of a flower she had seen the morning before. It is then she hears a sound and touches one of the standing stones and finds herself in the same area, but with subtle changes that grow with each passing moment that it becomes unbelievingly obvious to Claire, that she is no longer in her time.

The first person she comes across strikes an uncanny resemblance to her husband Frank, but he is mean and nothing like her kind and loving husband. She is rescued by a Scotsman and finds herself in the company of Scottish outlaws, doing all they can to not be discovered and captured by the English redcoats as they make their way to Castle Leoch. Before making the trek, Claire tends to the wounds of a young Scotsman, Jamie MacTavish who takes it upon himself to keep her safe, though also impeding any ideas of escape Claire may have.
Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Bianca
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