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Outlander - Season 1 - Episode 2 : Castle Leoch


The party of Scots that Claire is travelling with, finally arrives at Castle Leoch. She is in a light cotton dress from her own time, ripped at the hem to tend to Jamie MacTavish's wounds.

Claire had visited this castle with Frank. Instead of the remnants of a castle, Claire comes face to face with a fully functioning castle and all its inhabitants.

Mrs Fitz greets the party and assists Claire with all she needs to sterilise and dress Jamie's wounds. The first glimpse of the brutality Jamie's back faced at the hand of the redcoats. Jamie gives us a glimpse of his story at this moment and what led to such punishment.

This is the first sign of Jamie's growing affections for Claire Beauchamp as he declares that she need not be scared of him or anyone else whilst he is with her.

At the hands of the most efficient Mrs Fitz, Claire is transformed from a 20th century lady inappropriately dressed into a woman of decency for the 18th century as a guest of the MacKenzie of Leoch.

Now decent, Claire meets Colum MacKenzie and within his chambers, confirms to herself that she is 200 years in the past and under suspicion of being a spy, though for who?

At first, Claire finds herself to be a guest of the castle, but before long she realises she is indeed a prisoner of the castle while they try to discern who she really is and where she is really from.

Jamie and Claire spend a little more time together. Jamie reveals a little more about himself.

Whilst out gardening, Claire meets Geillis Duncan and learns a little more about life in the highlands. Later that night, tenants bring disputes and issues before The MacKenzie to solve. It is during this time that Laoghaire MacKenzie is brought before Colum for inappropriate behaviour and Jamie steps forward to take her punishment for her, to save her embarrassment. Claire is outraged at the brutality of the time and struggles to often keep thoughts to herself. Once again, Claire is tending wounds for Jamie.
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