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Outlander - Season 1 - Episode 3 : The Way Out


Claire is settling into life as the castle doctor, though thoughts of escape are never far. Claire dreams of telling Mrs Fitz she is from the future ... but within that dream discovers telling such truths in this time and in the highlands, a place of superstition ... would be disastrous.

Claire showcases her talents as a healer around the castle from small burns to massaging Colum to relieve the pain of his condition.

Jamie and Claire spend more time together at the castle.

Claire spends more time with Geillis and finds out that one of the young boys is apparently possessed and an exorcism is to be performed on him. Being a woman from modern times, it doesn't sit well with her and she wants to examine the boy and find a better alternative to cure him.

Whilst in town, Claire witnesses a young boy punished for stealing. He has his ear nailed to wood and devises a distraction within the crowd so that Jamie can help free him.

Claire discovers the cause of the boys possession is poison and tends to him, curing him with medicine, but makes an enemy of Father Bain.

Later in the evening, Jamie translates a song being sung, telling of a woman falling through the stones and out of her time, but then finding her way back to her own and her husband. Claire sees hope.
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