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Outlander - Season 1 - Episode 4 : The Gathering


Claire is seemingly becoming part of the castle. Tending to the people and playing with the children. But she is using the time to learn the layout of the castle and possible escape routes during the upcoming Gathering.

Geillis visits her in the surgery and notices that Claire has been stock piling food. She questions whether or not she is with child, though hinting that she is aware that she is considering to escape.

As Claire sticks to her plans and starts putting into place events that will help with her escape, Mrs Fitz has Claire dressed and attending the Gathering. Claire witnesses the swearing to Colum by his tenants to him, giving their service and fealty. As clansman after clansman makes this pledge, Claire uses the time to escape.

Whilst in the middle of her escape plan, Claire trips over Jamie who logically informs her that she'd not get far and then would become an untrusted guest once caught. While trying to safely return Claire to the castle unmolested, Jamie is accosted by members of the clan who insist he be a part of the gathering and gives his fealty to Colum. To do this or vocally object, both actions, place Jamie in grave danger. If he swears fealty, he places himself in line to become the Laird of Castle Leoch upon Colum's death. To decline is to insult the clan. Jamie finds a way around this problem and swears obedience whilst his stands upon MacKenzie lands, but keeps the oath he gave to his own clan, therefore averting his own death.

At the boar hunt, Claire helps with the passing of Geordie after he is fatally attacked and Dougal sees that there's more to Claire than he had seen before and that she has seen death, brutal death, before.

The following day, Dougal will be leaving the castle to collect the rents of those who could not attend the gathering and informs Claire that she will be coming with him and the men.

After weeks of trying to leave Castle Leoch ... she is now finally getting that chance. Will it bring her back to the stones and to the life she was taken from?

**The search for Diana Gabaldon**
For those who have heard that Herself is going to appear in an episode of Outlander, but it had been tightly kept under wraps ... this is the one!

Posted on 31 Aug 2014 by Bianca
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