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Outlander - Season 1 - Episode 5 : Rent


Dougal and the members of Clan MacKenzie, along with Claire, Jamie and Ned Gowan are travelling the lands, collecting rents.

Claire tends to the tennants as required and gets a taste of 18th century life. Moving amongst the Scottish people, Claire learns a little more about the people they are, their culture, the way they do things and why, along with events that don't sit well with her modern day sensibilities.

Jamie warns Claire to stay out of affairs that are not her own, affairs that she clearly doesn't understand.

It isn't long before Claire realises that Dougal is collecting more than the rents for Colum, he is also raising funds for the Jacobite cause, a very dangerous venture in front of an English woman, whose loyalties are unknown.

Dougal's suspicion grows as Claire tries to explain that an uprising would not work, that many would lose their lives. She knows this as she has stood on the fields of Culloden, where in three years from this moment, many of the men surrounding her, would lose their lives. Where the clans would be disbanded and Scotland forever changed.

Whilst having a heated discussion about this, a band of English Red Coats appear to question the safety of Claire, an English woman, travelling with a band of Scot's ... savages, in the eyes of the English.
Posted on 15 Sep 2014 by Bianca
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