Broch Tuarach ... the north-facing tower:

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Luceo non Uro - I shine not burn

Heading the MacKenzie's is Colum MacKenzie. Though Colum is the head of the MacKenzie's, it is his younger brother Dougal that leads them on the field in battle as Colum suffers a disease that cripples his body and therefore doesn't allow him to go to battle.

Colum is married to Letitia
Colum and Letitia are the parents of Hamish
Dougal, though not widely known, fathered Hamish
Dougal is the father of four daughters, Margaret, Eleanor, Molly and Tabitha (Tibby).
Dougal also fathered a child with Geillis Duncan, William Buccleigh MacKenzie
William is a direct descendant of Roger MacKenzie
Laoghaire is the mother of Marsali and Joan
Laoghaire later marries Jamie
Ned Gowan is a lawyer who becomes the legal advisor to clan MacKenzie


The Characters

Colum MacKenzie
Letitia MacKenzie
Hamish MacKenzie
Dougal MacKenzie
Laoghaire MacKenzie
William MacKenzie
Rupert MacKenzie
Mrs Fitz
Ned Gowan

Other Significant Characters


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