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Outlander the Musical

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Outlander The Musical

Yes a musical to Outlander. If you love the novel, well of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be here, you'll love this musical. I'd die to see it on stage if it made it that far, we can only hope.

Listening to the cd is like experiencing the novel again. I was swept away and moved, it is completely brilliant. Choose a favourite song? Right now it would have to be track 11, Say The Words. It breaks my heart as did that whole scene in the novel, I know it isn't a part of the novel people look forward to reading, but it is an insight to events that definitely would have happened and it is an insight into the desperation of Captain Randall and the strength of Jamie to endure what he did and survive. The sheer sacrifice to himself that he made, so that his beloved Claire would be seen safely away, regardless of what awaited him.

I highly recommend this musical, BUY IT! This masterpiece is the creation of Kevin Walsh and Mike Gibb and the inspiration of Outlander, the novel that began the obsession for us all. Best of all, Diana Gabaldon herself loves it and gave it her stamp of approval.

To learn more about the musical and its creators, please visit their site: Outander The Musical


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