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Other Significant Characters

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Other Characters

The characters under this heading are as important as any of the others under the family names, just not as easy to group at this moment, but most definitely require mentioning.

Lord John Grey was Jamie's prisoner when he was just 16 yrs old
Lord John is appointed Governor of Ardsmuir Prison while Jamie is a prisoner
Lord John married Isobel Dunsany and raises William, son of Jamie
William Dunsany is the son of Jamie Fraser and Geneva Dunsany
Frank Randall married Claire just before WWII
Frank raises Brianna as his own
Black Jack is Frank's direct ancestor
Geillis Duncan is also from the future, she intentionally travelled back
Stephen Bonnet was thought to be the father of Jemmy


The Characters


Other Significant Characters
Lord John Grey
William Dunsany
Frank Randall
Black Jack
Geillis Duncan
Stephen Bonnet


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